Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sales and Use Tax News Links

In the category of not-so-smart politicians, Arizona is the state you want to live in if you want to buy a used car. From, in just about every other state, if a car is bought in an "occasional sale" situation (like buying a car from someone in their driveway), there's no sales tax because the state can't make someone, who's doesn't do it as a business, collect sales tax (it's an occasional sale). But states CAN impose a "use tax" on the car when the buyer goes to get the car registered. Just about every other state does this at the counter at the motor vehicle office. But Arizona evidently doesn't.
They are giving away tax revenue that the other states manage to capture. And dealers obviously have a bone to pick because they're geting shafted by having to charge tax whereas an individual seller doesn't.

And the politicians don't want to make the seller collect the tax. Right, it's an undue burden. But why not do what every other state does, and collect when the registration occurs? Oh, yeah. It's an undue burden on the people behind the counter at the state office. Sorry, I forgot.



There is a lot more news about the Pennsylvania proposed tax on arts admissions.


Ohio proposal for a sales tax holiday in August and December!


California announces that certain business buyers will have to register for use taxes, even if they don't have to register for sales tax. From Acccounting Web.


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