Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It's been a busy week here at Sales Tax Guy Central. First we schedule webinars. Then we do our first one. And now we are offering coaching on sales and use taxes. Think of it as one-on-one training. We don't provide sales and use tax advice on specific tax issues - that's the job of local sales and use tax experts. But often it's helpful to have a better understanding of the problem itself so that you know how to ask better questions, or where to find the best (and cheapest) answer.

Think of this as sitting around the table in a coffee shop talking about your plans and getting ideas.

If you're interested, please visit the Coaching page for more information.

I hope to actually talk to you soon!

Sales Tax Guy

Here's information on our upcoming seminars and webinars

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Picture note: I wanted a picture of me with a whistle looking like everybody's favorite coach. But, for some reason, no whistle in the house. Plus my beard is as long as it's ever been, which means I don't look like anyone's favorite coach. But this guy looks intense, which works for me. If you'd like to see the picture on Flickr, click here.

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