Tuesday, September 22, 2009


First of all, if any of you noticed the Twitter feed that was in the left column, I apologize. I noticed some very bad words on there. The gadget I used somehow tapped into someone else's account. Mine is pretty harmless.

Secondly, someone asked a question recently that made me think that I should probably discuss just precisely what a webinar is. Since we're, kind of like, doing them. About 50% of this was taken from a good article on Wikipedia. Our web page will be updated later today.

Our webinars are live training sessions presented via the internet with a small downloaded application on each person’s computer. Attendees access the meeting by clicking on a link distributed by us after registration. The webinars are one-way from the presenter with chat capability so that audience can ask questions and provide feedback. Participants view the PowerPoint presentation on their computers, and listen as well. There is also an option to dial in using a standard phone line for the audio.

After registration, within 7 to 14 days of the event, we’ll send the login instructions with a link and session ID. Participants should plan to join the meeting 5 to 10 minutes prior to the official start.

A few days before the seminar we’ll also provide a current version of the handouts for the webinar to make it easier to take notes and follow along.

Finally, here's a couple of links.

What I find interesting about this situation is that they didn't hit movies and sports admissions. If one wanted to be paranoiac, it could look to one that they went after the kinds of admissions where the richer and more cultured folks would likely go. But for the rest of us and our pleasures, they left sports and movies alone.

Canada's GST
Here's a pretty good article describing Canada's sales tax system.

Sales Tax Guy

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