Monday, June 13, 2011

New Cover Art for the Latest Sales Tax Guy Album!

The Next Album ?

A friend of mine gave me the moniker Jim "I got the sales tax blues" Frazier.  He's now shot two "album covers."  Here are his comments about this picture on Flickr (and you can click on the picture to see it and more of his photos).
You heard it hear first folks.

We have once again gotten the scoop on Jim "I got the sales tax blues" Frazier's next Album.
Rumor has it that the title is "So you want to date my daughter?" and the above is some of the artwork from the album. 

Rumored tracks include "Better start running now", "From an appropriate distance", and "Make her cry, I make you cry".
Here's his previous "cover" shot

Jim "I got the sales tax blues" redux

His real name is Chuck Isdale and he is very...creative ;-)  You should see his Gloria Swanson tribute. 

Full disclosure:  the gun isn't real, I don't play the guitar, and they aren't my daughters.

The Sales Tax Guy

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