Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sneaky Sales and Marketing Trick - Revisited

SirChuckles Gets a New Tat...

Listen up sales and marketing people.  Since I'm currently working on educating you, here's an important tip that I wrote back in June 2010.

If the following conditions are happening to you, you really, really need to read that article.

1.  Do you have an out of state competitor who regularly steals business from you because they don't have to charge tax, but you do?

2.  Do you know, or at least suspect, that they have nexus in your state? 

3.  Are you sneaky and nasty?  Actually, that's kind of a silly question if you're in sales.  I kid.

Then take the steps mentioned in this article.  You probably didn't know you could do these things (neither do most accounting types, so don't blame them), but depending on your state's laws, you can at least make some trouble for that competitor.


The Sales Tax Guy

See the disclaimer - this is for education only.  Research these issues thoroughly before making decisions.  Remember: there are details we haven't discussed, and every state is different.  Here's more information

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