Friday, February 18, 2011

Felony Watch: Links

Roof Apparatus

Putnam businessman arrested for failing to pay over $1 million in sales taxes
This may be the biggest I've seen yet - the tab is over a million on a couple of masonry supply yards. Don't all of these assessments make you wonder, when the vendor charges you sales tax, if the money is going to the state, or going into the vendor's pocket?

St. George restaurant owner faces sales tax evasion charges
It's a pizza place and the tab is $90,000 (pure amateur compared to the item above).

Ex-Anderson Mayor Rex Lynch arraigned on felony charges
This time they get an ex-mayor. The article talks mostly politics, but the gist is that he allegedly evaded sales tax on some vehicle sales.

Albany bar owner, Rankins, gets six months in jail for not paying sales tax
Yeah, some orange jumpsuit time! Nice to see. The tab is $132,000. What a surprise, a bar owner.

Brooklyn Park business loses sales tax permit
The tab is $92,000. And this is different - a landscaping business.

Missouri moves to close Comfort Inn Kansas City Airport in sales tax dispute
Supposedly, they didn't have a sales tax license before they opened. You'd think that would be one thing on the "franchise opening a business checklist."

Ontario County Man Charged In Theft Of Sales Tax
Former cop, allegedly didn't file returns, then was contacted, under reported collections, quit filing again, and now is in court - maybe jail. The tab? $240,000 What kind of business? Pizza place.

The Sales Tax Guy

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