Monday, September 13, 2010

Sales and Use Tax Links

Business as usual for politicians.
Colorado veterinarians get bit by obscure sales tax, Fido takes the hit. Avalara

Etsy supports sales tax now
If you sell arts or crafts through Etsy (and who doesn't?), you can now collect sales tax. Etsy

Data center rules in Virginia
They've clarified the new exemption - it's not as good as you think. Vertex

10 Surprising Ways Your State May Tax You Next
Actually, this slide show doesn't really talk about any service that isn't already taxed someplace, but it's nice to see the general media talking about this. Kiplinger There's also an article on how things are getting worse for the states. Kiplinger

Department of Talmudic Inquiry: Define 'Candy'
There's a new plan to make the flour-in-candy food rule even more complicated. Argh! Actually, what am I saying? It'll only make it funnier when I talk about it! The Atlantic

In products get a sales tax holiday

"Bulk Sale" - Notification Requirements and Exemptions
Technical story but don't miss the bottom line - if you purchase a business, make sure you know what the "bulk sale" rules are in the state. You could inherit the sales tax problems the seller had.

Wacky Sales Tax Rules Cover More Than New York Bagels
More on the complicated rules regarding food taxability.

The Sales Tax Guy

See the disclaimer - this is for education only. Research these issues thoroughly before making decisions. Remember: there are details we haven't discussed, and every state is different. Here's more information

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