Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recent Twittered News Links

These are the news links I've posted on Twitter for the couple of weeks:

Felony, er, Misdemeanor Watch: Draper man facing charges of tax evasion, fraud

Felony, er, Misdemeanor Watch: Albany Business Owner Stole Sales Tax - http://bit.ly/acrHLR

Tax holiday on guns, ammo weighed in MS - http://bit.ly/cQKgmT

Windy Wyoming debates excise tax for wind energy http://bit.ly/9YJns2

Well, it's not exactly a "new" tax pitfall, just one they weren't paying attention to before, CA got strict http://bit.ly/byxnj4

Michigan's going to try to tax services - again. http://bit.ly/9gP2NS

Anaheim slashes sales tax on big ticket items http://bit.ly/bH5dlX - A novel approach - I kinda like it.

Betcha didn't think about the sales tax impact of the east coast snow...http://bit.ly/cf2MRl

California Web Tax Grab Hits Small Businesses http://bit.ly/cdkN8Y

Colorado gets creative regarding the "amazon tax" http://bit.ly/di6lbM

Nice to see them thinking - if a business is registered with the city, it better be registered for SUT http://bit.ly/a6G31J

Is Washington's tax exemption on bullion a gold mine? http://bit.ly/btPwHX - They should read my blog post http://bit.ly/9KVIox

My, aren't we touchy...Editor's Notes: Portland takes on Chicago http://bit.ly/d5xMJD

Lawmaker wants pot growers, sellers to get license http://bit.ly/acsHOY Seems only fair

New Walmart could double sales tax revenue for Godfrey http://bit.ly/bc1saF I grew up near there - not exactly a big town.

Advice for tax cheats - http://bit.ly/bFCqaH

Sales Tax Felony watch http://bit.ly/deMRh3 http://bit.ly/cftsCB

Sign a contract, get annexed for the sales tax http://bit.ly/cftsCB

Medicaid sales tax windfall for state - Talk about gaming the system http://bit.ly/9MJVMt

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