Monday, February 08, 2010

Did you know we do custom scheduling now?

If you don't see a program that meets your calendar, please let us know. We plan extra time into our schedule to be able to fill in special webinars. If you'd like your state covered sooner than we have listed, or you really need to learn about a particular topic, but none of our dates work for you, just let us know. We'll find a date that works and put it on our official schedule. That way, the new date gives others a chance to participate as well.
As long as we have an open date and time, and can schedule it more than 10 days in advance, there's no additional cost for this, other than the standard $95 per webinar fee.
If you'd like to schedule a private webinar just for your organization, that's also very possible. We can discuss more of your questions, customize the presentation, make it longer, etc. Your cost would be higher than our standard $95 per webinar fee. We can discuss this. Please contact us if you're interested at
The beauty of webinars is that we can be extremely flexible. You can take advantage of that.

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