Monday, November 23, 2009

Sales and Use Tax News

These are gleanings from newsletters, etc. I have not included all of the events, nor have I provided much detail. As usual, the disclaimer applies - check this kind of thing out yourself. I just want to give you a heads-up.

Medical marijuana is taxable in Colorado. It's not sold by prescription, and it doesn't meet the tests for any other exemptions. Attorney General Opinion, 09-06 , 11/16/2009

South Carolina has a gun sales tax holiday coming up this weekend. and South Carolina Department of Revenue, News Release, 11/02/2009. Also, temporary storage of property in the state is exempt from use tax if destined for use solely out of state . South Carolina Revenue Ruling 09-17, 11/19/2009

Check verification services are not considered taxable data processing services in New York. In the Matter of the Petition of TeleCheck Services, Inc., Division of Tax Appeals, ALJ, Dkt. No. 822275, 11/05/2009.

In Vermont, meals sold by schools, as well as the usual housing provided to students are exempt Vermont Technical Bulletin TB-48, 11/02/2009

In Maryland, receipts for sales of tickets from college games are not taxable if the receipts are used exclusively for educational purposes. Maryland Sales Use Tax Bulletin 1-10, 11/17/2009

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with a rate change recap here.

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