Wednesday, November 04, 2009

About Seminars

I had this email today and I thought you would all gain from the answer.

I would be interested in a seminar in the --- area. Do you currently have anything in the works?

I am looking for credible sales and use tax training. I feel like this is a huge trap for our company. I am looking at the --- coming in Jan of 2010 but saw some reviews that indicated it was going to be a huge sales presentation of their for-purchase materials. I am looking for TRAINING!!

1. Most of the general public seminar companies sell stuff at their events. However, the companies that are more focused on legal and tax seminars (like us) don't, but their prices are usually at least 50% higher.

2. When working for general public seminar companies, the leaders make a significant part of their earnings from commissions on what they sell. This means that there will be some sort of presentation about products at these seminars, and it will usually take some time.

Note - in webinars and seminars from we don't sell stuff. Period.

3. Sales tax seminars from the general public seminar companies will cover sales and use taxes from two perspectives.They'll talk about what most states do (what I call the Golden Rules). And they'll talk in depth about what is done in the state where the seminar is being held.

If you're on the fence about going to a seminar, contact the seminar company, and ask if you can communicate directly with the speaker. Or see if you can, at least, send him or her an email. Then ask about any specific topics you're hoping to see covered. This will give you more comfort that you're going to have a useful seminar experience.

Sales and use taxes are a trap for any company, as you said. But even if you're going to get "sold" at the seminar, that shouldn't prevent you from going and picking up as much as you can. GO!

If you learn anything that'll get you out of a potential hole, it's worth it.

4. Now it's time to talk about us! In my webinars and seminars (from Take Charge Seminars), we don't sell any products. We actually do talk about tools you may find helpful, but we don't take orders or quote prices. No selling. So fear no sales pitches in a seminar offered by Take Charge Seminars.

Sales Tax Guy

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Picture note: Yes, that's me in the picture doing a seminar in Arlington, Virgina.

* These are the companies you get fliers from constantly on a wide variety of topics, from "sales and use tax" to "how to be a better manager."


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. I am not opposed to anyone making some money-we are all in business! I am opposed to sales of merchandise and resources being a huge chunk of the day while the topic at hand is a list of bullet points and general info. I'll look forward to a seminar here in --- :)

Jim said...

Glad it answered your question in ---.