Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where can I Find Sales Tax Seminars

I get this question all of the time.

Of course, there's your good friends here at the Sales Tax Guy

and, to be fair, here are some firms that come up when you do an Internet search:

http://www.takechargeseminars.com/(legal and tax specific) This would be us.
http://www.nationalseminarstraining.com/ (general public seminar company) This includes National Seminars Group and Padgett-Thompson
http://www.pryor.com (general public seminar company)
http://www.lorman.com/ (legal and tax specific)
http://www.peisnerjohnson.com (legal and tax specific)
http://www.salestaxinstitute.com/ (legal and tax specific)
http://www.seminarinformation.com/ (legal and tax specific)

You should also check with organizations like the state chamber of commerce or your industry association. Sometimes, these organizations will offer seminars.

Most state tax departments will do seminars as well. Unfortunately, they're usually more oriented towards mechanical issues like filling out forms, getting more taxes from you, and they're not put on by professional trainers. But they may be useful.

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