Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is your company like this?

I had a woman in my class the other day who had a real challenge moving ahead. Her company sells in about all of the states, and has a really mixed bag of taxable and non-taxable sales and customers. She actually had to take a day of vacation and come to the seminar on her own, paying for the fee out of her own pocket! She even purchased the books that I recommended, again, on her own. I truly admire her for her commitment, but shame on the company for ignoring a potential problem, and making this person pay for education necessary to do her job.

We didn't get into what her plans were, but I hope they involved one of these courses of action that I recommend to you if you work in this type of organization:

1. Get educated about this topic and become an expert. And keep bringing up SUT issues in meetings and email. Then, when the apocalypse (major audit assessment) happens, you can sit back and say, "I told you so." Enjoy.

2. Quit. Why is a smart person like you working for these chuckleheads?

3. Get smart about SUT and then quit. There are companies out there that value this expertise and will be very interested in you. Just type in "sales tax" at and you'll find them.

Rant setting off.

Sales Tax Guy

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