Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nutty Rules: Georgia and the DAR

Rebels Firing Cannon / ca. 1776

I did a "Taxing Policies" webinar for Georgia today.  While putting the finishing touches on my research, I took note of their rules for non-profit organizations.  Georgia is one of those states that doesn't have a broad exemption for non-profit organizations.  In fact, they only have exemptions for a handful of groups.   But one of those few is the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Now, I've looked at Georgia's rules many times before, but it hit me this time because the wife of a friend just became a "daughter."

Here are the questions that leap to mind.  First, how can they justify this treatment?  They don't have a similar exemption for the Sons of the American Revolution!  Which sounds vaguely discriminatory.  And why in the hell (oops, we're talking about the DAR here) -  I'll start over.  Why in the heck would they give an exemption for the DAR when they don't even exempt the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts?!?  Seems...tacky.

Hmmmm.  I'll just let these float out there as rhetorical questions.  Because I'm absolutely sure there's a perfectly valid reason.

Nothing to see here.  Move along.

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