Friday, January 20, 2012

Great Articles: Two on Groupon and Living Social, etc.

For whatever reason, I've had two good (and technical) articles circling for too long in my bookmarks.  They're both on Groupon, Living Social and other similar services.

Yes, there are rather interesting sales and use tax issues associated with these type of offers. And I don't want to write about these topics.  I mean I REALLY don't want to write about them.  So I'll refer you to two excellent treatments.  I have written a couple of articles on generic coupons, which were hard enough.

The first is from Sylvia Dion on

And the other is from Rusty Little on http://dowlohnesprice

Personally, I don't use these offers. My life is complicated enough as it is.

This link is part of a series called "Excellent articles that I wish I had written."  The short name is "Great Articles."

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