Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Article: The Biggest State Tax Story of 2011: Internet Sales Taxes

Gritty Underbelly 2from Sylvia Dion at The State and Local Tax "Buzz"

In 2011, more informed articles, misguided editorials, and downright scary blog posts were written about the ratcheting up of the nexus wars than any other sales and use tax topic.  The states are looking for every scrap of sales tax revenue they can find, and they have online retailers in their sites. Sylvia provides a handy summary of what happened, and what Congress is doing about it.  Enjoy.

This link is part of a series called "Excellent articles that I wish I had written."  The short name is "Great Articles." 

And this is an article that I'm more than happy to see Sylvia write rather than me!

The Sales Tax Guy

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