Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Felony Watch: Links to Stories About People Doing Bad Things

Felony, anyone?Some relatively recent news items about sales tax evil-doers

Gadsden AL businessman charged with sales tax evasion

Bronx County Restaurateur Faces Felony Tax Charges Failed to Remit over $500,000 in Sales Tax to State and City

3 North Georgia Business Owners Indicted for Tax Theft

Former Loris SC councilman, wife face sales tax charges

Liquor store owner charged with $380k sales tax evasion NY

Rye Man Accused Of Stealing $380K In Sales Tax NY

Brooklyn Park business loses sales tax permit MN

Ex-Anderson Mayor Rex Lynch arraigned on felony charges TN

Miller’s Essenplatz’s owner convicted of not paying sales tax

Former North Naples restaurant owner accused of stealing $67,000 in sales taxes

Aurora IL gas station owner charged with sales tax fraud

Bronx Businessman (Truck Rental) Failed To Pay $400K In Sales Tax

Lake Elmo man faces 9 counts of tax evasion MN

Pasco café owner accused of failing to pay sales tax (WA)

Coraopolis car dealer faces charges (PA)

Guilty plea entered in theft of sales taxes (used car dealer)

Norwalk CT Businessman Accused Of Stealing More Than $15,000 In State Sales Tax (liquor/convenience store)

Ocala car dealer arrested on tax charges

Tax Lien Forces Kushi (restaurant) To Shutter With Hopes To Reopen Wednesday DC

Local Auctioneer Serving 90-Day Jail Sentence (SD)

Tri-Cities WA Home Builder Charged With Tax Fraud

Omaha guy mulls moving company but may owe a LOT of taxes to Nebraska due to playing games with vehicles - allegedly

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