Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sales and Use Tax Links

Orange Jumpsuit Time! Dozens of IL gas station owners accused of sales tax fraud WGN TV. Or maybe those owners will have to dress like the guy in the picture.

Memphis sales tax 13th highest, Tennessee No. 1
The Tax Foundation did a study. Tennessee has the highest sales tax burden too. Maybe it has something to do with that really high tax rate.

Bagels With a Slice of Tax
The confusing food laws...turns out that bagel places really should be taxing the bagels when they slice them or if they're served for on-premises consumption. The rules for bakeries DO get a little confusing. And, of course, the customers are now complaining.

Tulsa Sues State Over Sales Tax Collections
Apparently, the city thinks OK does a bad job at collecting sales tax and they want to do it themselves. They think they can do it better. Will we soon be adding OK to the list that includes AZ, CO, LA and AL?

South Carolina Spending Millions To Collect Unpaid Taxes
Look out folks in SC. They spent money last year to hire auditors and it paid off. This year they're going to do it again. & You: Internet Sales and the Long Arm of the Tax Man
Good recap of the current state of the Amazon laws, but also about how the states are getting super-aggressive in other ways to determine that your company has nexus in the state. It's worth reading if you do business in multiple states. Which is most of you.

The Sales Tax Guy

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