Friday, January 08, 2010

News Links for the last week

These are the news links I've posted on Twitter for the last week:

The Online Hotel Room Tax Battle Rages In Florida and Kentucky from SalesTax Buzz

Free-market group: Colorado should rely more on

Nebraska is told they don't need to make any stinkin' sales tax changes

Interesting historical info on Mississippi sales tax (and routine current angst, too.)

Denver Pot Dispensaries: 390; Colo. Starbucks: 208 / Hilarious!

An above average look at the problem for sales tax. Thanks for the heads up @Sabrix_SalesTax

Good review of sales tax systems software

Indiana puts tax dodgers online

Colorado to tax medical marijuana?

Here's a great comment on the OK 2nd amendment thing

Now Oklahoma is talking about a 2nd Amendment sales tax holiday joining LA and SC.

The Sales Tax Guy

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