Monday, February 16, 2009

How AP can figure out where the company has nexus

In many organizations, Accounts Payable gets stuck with all of the sales and use tax responsibilities. The problem is that many companies have nexus problems, which usually doesn't have much to do with AP. The sales and marketing people won't think of this in a million years. So, it falls to Payables to raise some red flags.

Here's a fun procedure for Accounts Payable which will ruin the days of all those sales and marketing folks.

One way organizations typically acquires nexus is by having people visit a state frequently enough that they can be determined to have a "physical presence" in that state. And AP knows about this! How, you might ask? Because they process the expense reports!

So, as you're paying invoices for contractors installing your product, sales reps making calls on customers, and management speaking at industry events, etc. , note the states that they're spending time in. Keep a list of the states and, when a state starts getting visits more than a couple of times a year, make noise about how your company might have nexus in those states.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun!

More on this in a few days.
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