Friday, February 27, 2009

Buy a new car on Obama! (sort of)

Here's an article from the Washington Post that popped up on an income tax credit for sales taxes on new cars that's part of the stimulus package. Go out and buy a car!

Here's another article from, one from KFVS12 and one from the Middletown Journal. If you'd like to look for more, here's the Google search.

While I try to restrict this blog to discussions about state sales and use taxes, everyone once in a while ya gotta broaden your horizons. Particularly if it's timely.

While we're on the topic of news articles, here's a hilarious one about a guy who was trying to pay $1.50 in taxes that the store didn't charge. Beware of your government, Floridians!

Sales Tax Guy
Buy a CAR, dang it!

Don't forget our coming events!

picture note: Yes, that's me with my baby. She's getting a little old, but is still is sufficient for the use she gets.

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