Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I predict a sales tax holiday in Illinois in 2014

Warning - snark attack coming.  Remember, you were warned....

Tall Feather

I live in Illinois.  Our motto is (or should be) "Three of Our Last Six Governors Have Gone to Jail"

So allow me to be a little cynical about something that I think will happen this year.  Illinois traditionally doesn't have sales tax holidays.  However, we had one (just one) in 2010.  We didn't have one before and we didn't have one after.  But, by a pure, sheer, and amazing coincidence, it was an reelection year for our beloved governor.

So, I'm making a prediction, right now, that we'll have one in 2014 - or at least there will be significant talk of one.  You see, our governor is facing reelection again and it looks like it might be a close race.  A sales tax holiday fits right into his wheelhouse. 

Gee, can I be MORE of a curmudgeon?

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