Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lots of Traveling (in which I brag a little)

Gate C37 at DFW

A Twitter inquiry over last weekend intrigued me and made me go back through my seminar records.  I sure am glad I kept a spreadsheet!  Please indulge me while I brag:

1.  Since I've started doing seminars on the road in 2000, I've worked in every state...yes all 50.  And I've done over 800 seminars in those states.  By the way, I don't have a burning desire to go back to Anchorage in the winter.  And you might think Hawaii would be neat, but it's nowhere near as much fun when you have to work.  I'm waiting for the call to do a sales tax seminar in Rome, but I'm not holding my breath.

2.  I've done over 500 in-person classes in 40 different states on sales and use taxes.  And that doesn't count the webinars

3.  I've also done other seminars besides sales and use tax, but not for the last few years.  They were mostly payroll law, AP, and some accounting-for-non-accountants presentations. It's tough to make that last topic fun, by the way.  I even did some search engine optimization sessions in the really early days - before all the spammers took over.  But now, my heart belongs to sales and use taxes.

What's my favorite hotel?  To sleep in, Marriott.  But not to actually do a seminar in, ironically.  For the actual seminars, frankly I prefer Holiday Inn Expresses, Hampton Inn's and Courtyards.

And if you're a revenuer for South Dakota or Connecticut (or any other state where training is taxable) and think that I have nexus in your lovely states, I'm sorry to disappoint.  All of my appearances in those states were as a contractor of a seminar company.  I wasn't even allowed to give out my blog or website address. 

So, that's where a lot of my pictures come from - the last 14 years of travel. And I have pictures from all 50 states!

A big thanks to Sylvia Dion for the query. You'll find her on twitter at @SylviaDionCPA 

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