Friday, November 09, 2012

Announcing a New Blog - All Sales Tax News - All the Time!!!

Blow! As mentioned last week, the last several months have been ... interesting.  We've had lots of webinars and seminars (thank you) a hospitalization (fear not, all OK), a car stolen (which is a hell of a story if you're interested), a vacation (I have pictures!),and a host of miscellaneous things.  But this blog has not enjoyed my attention.  I've been struggling to provide you with up-to-date content, but still fit the blog into my active lifestyle.  (trust me - it isn't that active).

I've found that there aren't many web sites that compile a large selection of links to sales tax news.  So I started one.  I've been doing it on the sly for a several weeks now and it's pretty much ready to announce.  So, please feel free to visit

This is, as near as I can tell, one of the only places on the web (that'll change) that will give you all of the sales and use news that's fit to blog, in one spot.  We pull from various online news publications, tax news services, Twitter, various SUT blogs as well as state sites.  This should give you a diverse range of daily information.  

This blog won't go away, but I'm not going to even attempt to maintain the pace that I had envisioned.  You should expect to see a couple of articles a month.  But you'll see the Sales Tax News blog updated daily (but not on weekends).

So I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for sticking with us.

The Sales Tax Guy

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