Friday, November 04, 2011

Great Article: Virtual Chaos: Online Gaming

3 Pounds per Body


When I first read this, I wasn't sure.  The concept behind this series is to give you links to articles that I wish I had written.  Frankly, I never would have thought to write one about online gaming, since I don't do it.  Video and computer games just don't do anything for me.  Ever since I failed miserably at Pong.  Nowadays, I stick with Freecell.

But, some of you obviously do care.  And some of you may even be involved in these industries.  So to you I dedicate this daily link.

Essentially the article discusses recent rulings in Kansas and Missouri.  While you may not care about those two states, the article does give you some more global ideas about the issues involving online access, gift cards and downloadable software.

So enjoy, you crazy gamers.  Now, where's my Freecell.

This link is part of a series called "Excellent articles that I wish I had written."  The short name is "Great Articles."  Enjoy.

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david poriss said...

Jim, After 6 days of no electricity in CT, we have fled to a hotel room in New Jersey. With little to do, who would have thought we would be regaled with such great sales tax stories to keep us busy. I used to be a part-time vendor in Missouri. After I retired, they sent me a bill for "use tax" for shipping goods into the US from Canada from a Port I had never been to. I used knowledge gained from your blogs to decimate them. But I can tell you that Missouri is crazy.

Jim Frazier said...

Glad I could make your misery more bearable.