Thursday, January 06, 2011

Sales and Use Tax Links

Wow, I haven't done one of these for a while.  Sorry about that.  Let's catch up.

Streamlined sales tax effort stalls, for now
Written from Arkansas' perspective, but a worthy commentary on the current state of affairs.

Seven questions you should ask before choosing the right returns outsourcing provider.
I'm not sure all of these questions should be actually asked of your sales tax vendor, but they should be investigated nevertheless.

Wisconsin Wants You To Have Your Cake and Pay Tax on It Too
They changed the rules about ice cream cakes.  Oh the horror.

Is Vermont's Sales Tax Driving Shoppers Accross The Border?
In the category of "duh", a study has concluded that New Hampshire's lack of a sales tax is stealing business from Vermont.

Medical-marijuana sales tax nets $2.2 million for Colorado this year
Cool, man.  What's really hilarious though is that, every time I Tweet an article on this, I pick up a couple of legalize-marijuana followers.  Do they even look at the rest of the tweets I've posted.  Oh.  Wait.  Or, to give them the benefit of the doubt, I guess they could be into sales tax.  denverpostcom

Largest Sales and Use Tax Delinquencies in California
California lists businesses who owe over $100,000.  Amazing how many car dealers are on the list.  Hmmmm.

How to Survive a Sales Tax Audit
1.  Allow lots of time.  This is gonna take a while
2.  Keep good records.  Too late now.
3.  Be prepared to appeal.  Don't take the auditor's word for it. 
January Sales and Use Tax Rate Changes

City contract for private sales tax auditors in final stages (Oklahoma)
I'm bothered by the payment plan - it sounds like it's results-based.  Not a good thing.  tulsaworldcom

States Eye Digital Property as Source of Additional Revenues
Nice, short article on the topic.  bnataxcom

Reverse Audit Reveals Georgia Owes $1 Million
If you haven't considered a reverse audit, maybe you should. It worked for the City of Augusta. avalaracom

Mississippi Introduces Click Through Nexus Bill  sabrixcom
Illinois moves to tax online purchases
The Bad Math of the 'Amazon Tax'
Sigh.  Nothing convinces me more of the collective low IQ's of state legislators like their continuing attempts at this. 

This is just the best of the links I send out via Twitter on an almost daily basis.  You can get them faster by subscribing to my Twitter feed. You will get more than sales tax links though.  Just warning you.

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