Friday, June 04, 2010

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Illinois offers a sales tax holiday on clothes, shoes and most school supplies on 8/6 to 8/15. Blocking it out on MY calendar!

Rendell abandons Pa. state sales-tax overhaul
Lots of news about this over the months that I've ignored because I knew it wouldn't happen.

Philadelphia Inquirer complains about the discount provided to sellers on the return. Claims unnecessary. But then, newspapers aren't taxable so they don't get that discount. Boo hoo.

Maine referendum on broadening the tax base to include most, but not all, services. The objective is partly to tax tourists more and give a break to the locals. Annoying, but actually one of the primary justifications for consumption taxes.

Wagoner County (Oklahoma) commissioners vote to rescind sales tax proposal
Gee, maybe a sales tax increase to fund an amusement park isn't a great idea.

Dozens could be using loophole to avoid sales tax on boats
Register with the county as a boat dealer, buy your boat tax free. Interesting rule in Nebraska.

Authorities: Now's the time to prepare for storm
Louisiana hurricane sales tax holiday this weekend

Marine industry giddy over new sales tax break
In order to be competitive with other states and to help their local industry, Florida grants a tax break to yacht owners. Of course, if there was ever a tax break given to "fat cats," this would be it. But it helps create jobs and will probable increase sales tax revenue on other stuff, which is the important thing.


Newport News restaurant owner charged with embezzlemen

City files sales tax charges against former business owner

Watsonville couple are among state's largest sales tax delinquents

They've already been to jail, but still haven't paid back the taxes, fines, etc.

(In other words, old news)

Some local jurisdictions report that their sales and use tax revenue is increasing after a long decline

Most states and local jurisdictions are still struggling with raising taxes, cutting spending, etc.

Have a good weekend, everyone. And if you're in Louisiana, buy stuff!

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