Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leaked Photo

Leaked Photo!

This is purportedly an image from the photo shoot for Jim "I got the sales tax blues" Frazier's new album cover and collateral material. Fans will remember after his initial smash success with "File that sales tax!" he almost immediately angered and alienated his fan base with his next album's title "I love my Nikon more than my Harley". It appears as if Jim's production color scheme has been lifted directly from Dana's "pink guitar girl rocks" album artwork. An artist who's lost his artistic vision ?

This critic can only hope that Jim's music senses haven't left him - as clearly his sense of color has.

Jim's production company was not available for comment as to the authenticity of this photo at the time of this upload.

[A friend (sirchuckles) posted this on Flickr and I had to pass it on to you folks.]

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