Thursday, April 08, 2010

Recent Twittered News Links

These are the news links that I've posted on Twitter for the last couple of weeks.

GA Sales Tax Holidays Threatened by Budget Crisis -

Orange Jumpsuit Time: Long Island car dealer stole $1.2M in sales tax: DA -

Colorado Internet Retailer Tax Backfires -

Soda Tax: Is New York Soaking the Poor? -

Orange Jumpsuit Time: Brothers-In-Law Sentenced For Filing False Tax Returns -

CT to try the Amazon tax - do these dopey politicians know what's happened in other states? -

Beware of Web Sites Selling Sales Tax Certificate -

Orange Jumpsuit Time: Bellevue hmbuildr accused of stealing $629,000 in sales-tax collections -

California Creates Green Tech Manufacturing Equipment Sales Tax Exemption -

State squeezes retailers for overdue sales taxes -

R.I. nonprofits may lose sales tax exemption -

The Sales Tax That Comes Back to Bite -

Florida sales tax holiday and other breaks -

Colorado town 1st in state to pass medical-marijuana sales tax -

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