Monday, March 08, 2010

Recent Twittered News Links

These are the news links that I've posted on Twitter for the last couple of weeks.

Missouri sales tax proposal would affect Catholic school tuition #salestax #tax #taxes

Mo. tax plan to be debated, but passage doubtful

Virginia Senate Looking to Get Tough w/Online Travel Companies -

chicrckstr Colorado gives taxpayers until noon, Monday, March 1, to comment on repeal of sales tax exemption regulations

Star exclusive: Bills would close Missouri's yacht loopholes -

Probation ordered in sales tax case -

Possible end of sales tax exemption scaring island aviators -

How Colorado Defeated The Internet Tax -

Vermont Sales Tax Holiday Coming Up -

Interesting...taxing ALL sales and eliminate ALL exemptions - even for the Girl Scouts

Report: Rendell Budget Burdens Business, Increases Spending

Just tax the stupid people! (thanks to

Sales tax shakedown -

Auditor admits possible mistake in tax calc in trial... This is why you don't trust auditors!

Delegates Approve Gun Sales Tax Holiday -

States Raise Sales Taxes to Record Levels -

Florida Sales Tax Holiday, Film Tax Credit Plans Won't Deliver on Promises -

Tom Bakk proposes MN sales tax expansion to clothing - - Why will Wisc folks ever go to MN???

State warns of sales tax ID number scam -

Sabrix_SalesTax Amazon Reacts To Colorado Internet Sales Tax Measure By Firing Its Colorado Associates

SalesTaxBuzz #Amazon pulls out of Colorado affiliates' program @ Email sent early a.m.

Mayor Nutter's proposed sales tax on soda is high - Seems like an appropriately named mayor.

MN to have tax on clothing? -

Orange Jumpsuit time! Former restaurant owner charged with failing to turn over sales tax -

State trying to tax hotels that offer 'free' breakfasts - - Politicians are getting sneakier!

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