Monday, October 19, 2009

Sales and Use Tax News

Gleanings from newsletters, etc...

Promotional specialty items for Mardi Gras in Louisiana can be exempt. You know, the stuff they throw from the floats.

Pennsylvania, [awash in budget problems], has granted an exemption for helicopters and parts. Interesting.

In California, do you have two or more garage sales a year? You need a sellers permit. But thrift store sales on military bases are exempt from tax.

You now have one year to file for a refund in Kansas.

In Missouri, tool sales from a mobile store (your mechanic knows about these things) use the tax rate from the location where the truck is when the sale is made. Which makes sense. And also makes the bookkeeping interesting.

In New York, there's a new sales tax on transportation services, like limos.

Rhode Island has a new epay requirements

South Carolina has their second amendment holiday again this year.

Big overhaul of Wisconsin laws.

Rate changes
Kansas (local)
North Carolina (state and local)
Pennsylvania (local)

Note that these are just changes that I have gleaned from newsletters, blogs, etc. and that I have not included all of the events, nor have I provided much detail. As usual, the disclaimer applies - check this kind of thing out yourself.

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