Saturday, August 11, 2007

Felony Watch

More people gettin' thrown in jail (or at least getting in BIG trouble):

Contractors who didn't remit their collected sales tax to Washington state

Shenagins in Minnesota
with a couple who had multiple businesses, allegedly filed false information and used fake numbers, didn't remit the taxes they collected, etc. All allegedly, of course.

This one made the news all over Ohio. A couple allegedly bought 62 vehicles from an Ohio dealer and told him they they would register them in Kentucky, therefore the dealer didn't charge Ohio tax. But the couple apparently never registered them in KY, but instead shipped them to Australia (these particular models aren't sold down under). Apparently someone at the dealer tipped off the state of Ohio that this was going on. Although you have to wonder...only after 62 cars???

And this article wouldn't be complete without at least one used car dealer who didn't remit the this case, $734,000 in taxes.

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