Sunday, November 05, 2006

Are Pumpkins Food?

I was getting ready to do a seminar series in Illinois and noticed this clarification issued last year by the IDOR. In Illinois, food for human consumption is taxable at a lower rate (1% state tax but some local jurisdictions can add to that). The question evidently came up as to the taxability of pumpkins.


If it's sold whole and in edible condition, it's food. But if it's carved out, it's not food and therefore taxable at the full rate just like TPP.

Hope that clears everything up. And beware, this rule might be transferable to other states too.

This post really was just an excuse to use a picture of a pumpkin (that is clearly not used as food, but was BOUGHT as food. Therefore, we only paid the lower rate. Take THAT, IDOR!)

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