Thursday, September 28, 2006

What about Canada???

What about Canada? Yours truly knows about US sales and use tax - I don't want to even think about Canada, or (deep inhale) Mexico. Yet I get questions frequently on these two countries. So here's some advice:

1. Do a search on the following terms (or some variation that you like) :

sales tax

I did that and several items popped up that looked promising.

2. If you have a relationship with a large CPA firm (or law firm) like E & Y or Deloitte, check with them. They probably offer seminars that may be helpful. I know this because, when I did the above search, their names popped up.

So give it a try!

Sales Tax Guy

PS, you may have noticed a picture. Since I'm into photography, I thought I'd start making this blog more interesting by throwing a picture from my Flickr collection into the post that's relevent to the topic. That one is from the Columbia Ice Fields in Alberta. Click on the picture to see a bigger version of it on Flickr.

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