Friday, April 10, 2009

A Guide to the "Sales Tax Guy"

Here is a guide or index to the various articles we've written on this blog:

First of all, there's Sales and Use Taxes in a Nutshell - a very basic article to give you a picture of the topic in 5 minutes or less.

Then there are the Golden Rules of Sales and Use Tax...what I consider to be the fundamental principles of the topic. Things you really ought to understand. The Golden Rules tend to be pretty consistent regardless of the state you're discussing. But the taxing policies vary enormously from state to state leading us to a motto: It's different there. It almost always will be.

We give you some ideas about policies and procedures and tips and techniques that you should at least consider implementing in your organization. In particular, these are things you really should do.

And we constantly hear about some sales you may not have realized were taxable. There are other tax traps. But we also try to find ways to reduce your taxes.

Auditors make your life miserable. Here is a guide to some of the odd audit interpretations and practices we've come across, along with how to deal with the audit itself.

Sometimes, we just gotta rant and rave about something. And there are some pretty silly laws that we've paid our politicians to write.

Sales and use tax information comes from a lot of different sources. We evaluate good ones and bad ones. And we give you information on finding good advice. It also behooves us to let you know that we offer seminars and webinars as well.

We occasionally do an Internet search to see who's going to jail because they didn't pay their sales and use taxes. That's always fun. And there are stories about people getting caught who didn't necessarily go to jail. They just paid a lot of penalties.

There's the occasional news item that catches our eye - and that we think should catch yours too.

And as we come across terminology that needs to be defined, we'll try to do so for you. We occasionally find a useful link as well.

Of course, there are frequently asked questions

And probably our biggest category of articles is on sales and use tax issues. Because this is, after all, a sales and use tax blog.

The Sales Tax Guy

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